Route 2: Bannerman-Langalibalele Pass Circuit

Bannerman-Langalibalele Pass Circuit

One reason for making this hike a favourite is because it is a High Drakensberg hike of moderate intensity. Compared to Drakensberg hiking standards, in general, this hike is very relaxed. Or, if you do not have that much time but still want to reach the escarpment summit this hike will take you there. It is a circular route starting and finishing at the Giants Castle Hutted Camp. Beautiful as always whilst surrounded by the Giants Castle Range.

Day 1 – Giants Castle Hutted Camp to Bannerman Hut

The objective is to reach the summit of the Little Drakensberg right at the base of Bannerman Pass. The overnight spot is Bannerman Hut, one of the very few functional huts in the Drakensberg.

  • Distance: 10,5km
  • Height gain: 550m

Day 2 – Ascend the escarpment summit via Bannerman Pass 

An eventful day. Even though it is short in distance lots of climbing is to be done. Halfway up we’ll take a rest stop for a quick look at Spare Rib Cave. This is a deep overhang, offering lots of sleeping space and protection. Roundabout lunchtime you will reach the summit of the escarpment. From here is a relaxed walk all along the escarpment edge to our campsite. What makes this camp great is that it is right on the edge of the escarpment and next to a prominent peak called the Thumb. Great views!

  • Distance: 5,5km
  • Height gain: 800m

Descend Langalibalele Pass and return to the main camp

Another great day of hiking. But before descending direct your attention to the battle that took place here at the source of the Bushmans River in 1873 between Major Durnford and the amaHlubi Chief, Langalibalele. Further down the pass when it opens up enjoy great views of the Giant itself.

  • Distance: 11km
  • Height loss: 1220m

More information

Core Activity: Mountain walking (hiking).
Region: Giants Castle, Central Drakensberg.
Duration: 3 days.
When to go: All year. Best from April to July.
Itinerary Rating: Moderate.
Other Information: No experience is required. All the relevant information will be provided once an enquiry has been made.
Departure time (hiking): Around 10:00.
Arrival time (hiking): Around 15:00.