Route 7: Cathedral Peak

Camel-Mlambonja Pass Circuit Route (4 days)

A relatively short Drakensberg hike that pretty much brings the full package. It offers arguably the best cave plus arguably the best 360-degree view from atop cleft peak.

Day 1 – Cathedral Peak Hotel to Ribbon Falls

A relaxed start to a relaxed day. We need to get as close as we can to the foot of the Camel Pass. Ribbon Falls near the campsite offers a nice detour. Comfortable camping at the stream above and beautiful views of the huge headwall of Cleft Peak.

  • Distance: 4,5km
  • Height gain: 600m

Day 2 – Ribbon Falls to Tseketseke Pass

Get ready to ascend no less than roughly 1250 meters. That’s right. A big day. The view from atop Cleft Peak is arguably the best view the Drakensberg has to offer. You are right on the edge of the escarpment able to see the Devils Tooth right to the north and all the way south to Cathkin Peak. A good variation is to leave Cleft Peak’s ascent for the following day to rather go to Roland’s Cave, by far one of the Berg’s best caves.

  • Distance: 10km
  • Height gain: 1250m

Day 3 – Tseketseke Pass to Mlambonja Pass

This route to the north offers fantastic views of the Cathedral Range. A relaxed High Drakensberg day.

  • Distance: 10km
  • Heigh gain: 200m

Day 4 – Mlambonja pass to Cathedral Peak Hotel

A fun walk back out to where we started. Before heading back down enjoy the views from below of the big mountains where you have been coming from. Legendary peaks like the Pyramid and the Column is now in full view.

  • Distance: 10,5km
  • Height loss: 1530m

More information

Core activity: Mountain walking (hiking).
Region: Cathedral Peak, Central Drakensberg
Duration: 4 days.
When to go: All year. Best from April to July.
Itinerary rating: Moderate to hard.
Other information: No experience is required. All the relevant information will be provided once an enquiry has been made.
Departure time (hiking): Around 11:00.
Arrival time (hiking): Around 13:00.